The One Who Wanted me to Fly Away

I went to the Full Moon Party in September, which you can read about here. It was a night full of dancing, laughing, alcohol & my first one night stand.

A little background on me & my night, I don’t go out looking to meet guys or hook up with people. I care more about having fun & connecting with the people I am with. All night, guys would come up & try to flirt & dance, but I always shrugged them off. Toward the end of the night, or should I say morning, for it was 6 am by this point, I was dancing with the girls & this guy kept bothering me. He would come up & try to grab me, I kept brushing him off, but he wasn’t getting the message. He was getting too aggressive when out of nowhere, a cute guy came & put his arm around me & played the whole “hey back off, she’s with me” thing.

It was like a scene out of a movie. I looked up at him & melted. He was tall, with bright blues, light hair & an infectious smile. I remember feeling giddy & after a couple minutes we ran off to watch the sunset on top of some rocks. He was German & his English wasn’t the best so communicating was difficult, but fun.

I’ll skip the details, but let’s just say it was my first one night stand & it was perfect.

We kept in contact the next week, he kept inviting me to join him on different islands, but I had just started working at the hostel in Koh Samui & didn’t want to leave. He must have felt a great connection with me because he asked me to fly to Bali for a week & then travel to Australia with him. I contemplated it for days, but ultimately decided that I wasn’t going to change my plan for him. I wasn’t ready to leave Thailand yet.

It’s interesting to think how that one decision has changed my whole entire trip. Imagine if I would have taken that flight to Bali. Where would I be now? Would I be in a van traveling Australia, would I be in a small village in Indonesia? The possibilities are endless. That’s the beauty & the scary part of traveling, each decision you make, the big & the small, can completely change your trip, your life, your everything.

Moral of the story, I need to continue to be open to the endless possibilities that people & this world has to offer.

Until next time, The Guy Who Wanted me to Fly Away.

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