He’s Just Not That Into You

The hookup culture in the backpack world is real. & I’m officially not ready for it. Damnit.

As much as I would like to say I can hook up with someone just because he’s hot, I can’t. He’s got to be funny, smart, fun, something other than just hot. I need some level of attachment or feelings. I have to be drawn to more than just his looks.

So when I do hook up with a guy I assume he has some feelings for me too. Yes, so naive of me, I know. But to be fair, I have been out of the hookup game for literally years so I forgot how it worked, but boy did the Aussie remind me.

One night, this Aussie & I (side note: Aussies are crazy) went out together & had the best time. We were drinking, flirting, laughing, all the good stuff that you love when you first meet someone you click with. And what do you know, we made out, which was awesome. Of course, he invited me back to his room (he was staying in a private room, too (score), but I wasn’t ready for all that so I said nope & went home.

The next night we were drinking & flirting again & I was excited for another make out session. But I jumped to conclusions because in walked this hot woman from the Netherlands that immediately grabbed his eye. And just like that, I was booted out.

I would be lying if I said that it didn’t hurt my feelings. Of course it did. It’s not that he was some exceptional guy, or that he was the man of my dreams, it’s just I built up this idea in my head of how the night would go & when it didn’t go like that, it hurt my feelings.

The worst part of this whole story is, there was a beautiful South African guy trying to flirt with me all night that I blew off because I was sad about the Aussie. Have you ever heard a South African’s accent? Well, let me tell you, it’s heavenly. So basically, I fucked up real bad. Honestly, still kicking myself in the bum about it today.

Moral of the story, if a guy turns you down, brush yourself off & get back out there because there’s another hot guy right around the corner.


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