Next Stop: Koh Samui

I came to Bangkok with no plan. I have a lot of backup plans, a few goals, but no specific plan. I wanted to come here with an open mind and let the wind blow me where I’m supposed to go.

I was in Bangkok for a week planning to take a train up north to Chaing Mai, but I kept putting off buying the train ticket. Then yesterday, I heard of a website, Workaway, that connects travelers with businesses looking for volunteers in exchange for free room. I signed up.

I loved staying at the hostel in Bangkok. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there. It was amazing to get to know people from all over the world. Everyday there was someone new to meet. Everyone had a story to tell and all I wanted to do was listen and learn from them.

Realizing that I am fascinated with other people’s lives fueled motivation in me to find a job at a hostel. This way I could be surrounded by new people and new adventures all the time while saving money.

That’s when I found the Backpacker Hostel in Koh Samui. The Backpacker Hostel was looking for someone to start work immediately. As a volunteer, I’d work a couple hours a day, checking people in and tidying up. But then at night, the staff takes the guests to dinner at 8 and then leads them around the island to different bars.

I applied for the job. It sounds like a dream job for a traveling 22 yr old like myself that’s looking to save money. And sure enough, a few hours later I was told the job is mine if I can get down there in time for the full moon party. Which is an all-night beach party on the island of Ko Pha Ngan.

I packed my bags and off I went. It’s currently 5 am in Thailand and I’m sitting on an overnight train. Dumrong (my friend who works at the hostel in Bangkok) found me an awesome deal on a train that has A/C and a bed. Not all cars in the train have A/C and/or beds to sleep on. I left Bangkok at 7:30 pm and will get to Suratthani by 8:30 or so this morning. And then from there I’ll get on a bus that takes me to a ferry, which will then take me to Koh Samui. The top picture is the train I took and then the picture below is the ferry docked at Koh Samui.



I’ll probably be offline the next few days because of the full moon party. I’m really excited!! One of my tasks will be bartending and painting people’s bodies with glow paint. I hope they don’t mind my lack in artists skills…

My plan is to stay on the island for about a month. But again, I’m letting the wind blow me where it should. So who knows how long I’ll be here for. I’m just excited to live a block away from the beach and continue meeting people from all walks of life.

I feel like Pocahontas –> Colors of the Wind


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