Digitally Unbalanced

You know what I hate? Looking back on a memory and thinking, I could have experienced more. Yes, I know regret is a bitch and I shouldn’t think about what if’s, and I try not to. Though I am only human (I know, hard to believe).

But this all dwindles down to the fact that I spent too much time on my phone during jaw-dropping, insanely fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime occurrences. I was so concerned with showing my followers what I was experiencing that I didn’t fully experience it myself.

If I could afford glasses that framed my face perfectly & recorded all my sacred thoughts and everything I saw, then I wouldn’t be in this debacle. But since I’m not Steve Jobs (RIP) & I don’t have the means to invent such a gift, I am stuck between two worlds. One where I show you everything I am experiencing & take you on this magical journey with me & two, where I turn off my phone & go off the grid. Where is the perfect line & how do I balance myself, my backpack & my iPhone on it?

After a two-month digital detox I am still a long way from figuring out this question, so bare with me as a get my bearings & try to find a healthy balance.

During my digital detox, I took a break from social media, my phone & my blog, but I didn’t take a break from writing. How could I? Writing is how I stay sane. Well, along with alcohol (just kidding, Dad).

I still wrote about every adventure I went on these past couple months, but this time I am going to focus on only sharing things that I am passionate & excited about. Not things that I think other’s will find interesting (no offense).

I will be updating my blog over the next week because I’M BACK.



One thought on “Digitally Unbalanced

  1. Phil Carter says:

    Interesting revelation about your concern for sharing experiences actually affecting your own appreciation of the experiences. Living on the space coast we saw many shuttle launches both from land and from my boat. Every time I took someone to see a launch who hadn’t seen one before, I made them put the camera down and just watch the launch. I mean, if you want pictures of a shuttle launch, there are plenty of professional photographs 1000x better than our own. I wanted them to see and appreciate the launch fully, not with tunnel vision thru a camera lens. So, I fully understand raising your eyes from the electronic device and looking at the world around you. Too many people, young and now even old (like me), have their noses in their phones and electronic devices so much now they don’t even know what’s going on around them. And honestly, it’s actually quite rude to do it at the dinner table and especially in a restaurant. OK, I’m done, off the soap box now.

    Safe travels young lady!!

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