What It’s Actually Like to Go Off the Grid

I thought I was off the grid before, because I didn’t use my phone for the day, or didn’t watch Snapchat, but Don Det on 4000 islands in Laos creates a whole new definition of off the grid.

From the moment we arrived, I knew I was stepping off the boat into a whole new world.

We hopped off the rickidy dinkidy boat onto a dirt road that led to a small town.


As we wandered around looking for accommodation, we ran into the Happy Bar. There were guys sitting out front smoking that waved us over & told us the price of the rooms. I immediately felt comfortable & welcomed by these guys. We walked around a little bit more, but eventually found our way back to The Happy Bar.

I checked into a waterfront private room for $5 a night. I stayed with a random girl I met on the bus for 2 nights there. And then she left & now I have the room all to myself, which feels great after spending a week squished into a room with 5 guys. The minute we walked out to the common room, Manny offered us a beer & happy grass.

Manny is the guy who manages a couple bars in town & this guesthouse. He just extends good vibes & has a sense of home around him at all times. He is hands down the reason why Happy Bar is as popular & loved by all. Here’s a pic of the menu in their restaurant.


I wake up every morning & stretch as I look out onto the river & mountain ranges. Here is the view from my room.


I began practicing yoga in India & was disappointed when I didn’t find any teachers here, but I have been using a couple apps on my phone to keep practicing.

I spent the last few days sitting around the common room, lying on couches, watching sunsets, swimming & tubing to the banks across the river, biking around the island, reading, writing & playing cards. All the while happy grass is being passed around.

I thought I had relaxed before, but this has hit a new level of relaxing. The minute I walk out of my room, I am offered happy grass. I have never seen, nor smoked so much happy grass in my life. Everyone is smoking, everyone is happy & everyone is relaxed. I feel like this must have been what the 70’s were like. I am normally not into this lifestyle, but it doesn’t hurt to embrace it for a week. When in Laos, amirite?

I am not saying smoking is making people happy or relaxed, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. This is paradise with or without happy grass.

One negative (but also at the same time positive) thing about this island is the wifi. There basically isn’t any. I have to wake up at 7 am to beat the breakfast rush to snag some wifi in the morning. You know what they say, early bird gets the wifi.

Tonight, I am bartending a jungle party for Manny. Cheers to making new friends & trying to dive into the culture everywhere I go!



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