The Cali Adventurer

The first time I saw this guy, he was wearing a tank that said, “aloha bitches.” I thought it was so fun & I wanted to let him know. But the only thing awkward me could blurt out was, “haha your shirt!” I may be writing about guys that come in & out of my life, but I never said I was good at flirting. Clearly. He looked at me, kinda laughed & just kept walking. Great.

Well, I originally chucked that one up as a loss, but then by the end of the night, we were having such a blast that we decided to run off from the group & explore. He pointed to a tall building & said, “let’s climb up there.” So off we go, we climb over the first wall & in my head I’m screaming omg what will they do if they catch us?! We get inside the parking garage & see a security man sitting behind the desk with a monitor full of camera footage. When he turned his head away, we bolted across the garage & went into the building. Guys, this was some Mr. & Mrs. Smith stuff. We went for a door that led to a terrace & that’s when we were caught. When they asked us to leave, I was laughing so hard I was crying as the door hit us on the way out.

Another night, he came out with this girl Julia (miss you!) & I. She & I had planned to play games at the bar all night. Which basically means we were going to mess with people & tell them exaggeratedly false things about ourselves. Like that, we were hand models, or YouTube famous for making cat videos, we were born in North Korea, etc. A classic example of this is The Trump Game. Which is, whenever people found out that we were Americans, they would always ask if we voted for Trump (non-Americans, please stop doing this. There are a lot more things to talk to Americans about). After they asked, we would always reply, “yes!” so confidently. (I didn’t actually vote for Trump). People had a lot of different reactions, but the majority of them would get really angry at us & start yelling. We would just laugh & walk away.

The whole night we spent running around the bar making up fake stories about our lives. Cali played right along, which was awesome. half way through the night, Cali & I saw an Asian bachelorette party & Cali decided that we should definitely join them. Of course, I was a little resistant, but swallowed those thoughts & followed along. We walked up & sat right down at their table, which they loved! The girls started shrieking & taking photos of us. They were so excited for us to be part of their night. Then out of nowhere, Cali announces that we were engaged. Even more high-pitched squeals come from every direction. Before I knew it, I was wearing her bachelorette crown & bride-to-be signs.

We ended up spending 10 days or so together in Chiang Mai & Pai. Overall, Cali is an awesome dude & I hope our paths cross again one day. So, thank you for bringing me out of my comfort zone & making me laugh… a lot.


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