My Next Steps

&& I’m off! (again).

I have been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for 24 days now. Chiang Mai is my favorite city, so far. From the food to the culture, I have loved every moment of it. I am sad to say I am leaving this beautiful city tomorrow in order to keep my journey moving.

I am not a planner (at all) and like you may know, I started this trip with zero plan. It has been a crazy three months and my time in Thailand is, unfortunately, coming to an end. My visa is up (after 3 months in Thailand you have to leave the country to get a new Visa) and I have decided not to do a border run.

My sister, Paully, is coming to meet me in India for the holidays!! I am beyond excited for her to come, but this has also forced me to plan more than ever before. Planning has been stressful, difficult & has reminded me why I like letting the wind blow me where it shall when I am traveling. But I am glad I was forced to plan because I am so excited! Since this is probably the only time this trip I will have a plan, I figured I should draw it out for you all so you can keep up. I’m sure my family will be happy… I think it stresses them out that I have no plan.

Nov. 22- Leave for Pai, Thailand

Nov. 25-28ish- Head to Bangkok

Nov. 28-30 ish- Apply for Indian Visa in Bangkok

Dec. 4-6 ish- Fly to Chennai, India

Dec. 15- Meet Paully in Goa, India

Dec 15 – Jan- Travel through India with Paully ending in Northern India

January- Depending how I feel about India I will either extend my trip there for another month or so.After

After India I will travel to Nepal where I will trek the Annapurna Circuit, which will take 13-20 days. After a couple weeks in Nepal I will travel to Myanmar.

Well, that’s the plan!! Six months ago I would never have guessed I would be researching which of the tallest mountains in the world I would climb in 2017, but here I am!! I got the idea from a girl I met in the hostel who inspired me to do it. She didn’t have any trekking experience either & inspired me to just go for it! A lot can change between now & then, & that’s okay. But this is why you should always keep an open mind when traveling. You never know what is going to happen!



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