10 Backpackers You Meet Abroad

When traveling, you meet people from all over the world. Some of those you will click with immediately (shout out to Riley & Julia) and some you will want to punch in the face within 5 minutes of meeting them. Either way, you’re stuck with them at the hostel, for better or for worse. Which brings me to (drum roll, please) the 10 backpackers you meet abroad.

The Party Animal– The traveler who sleeps all day & parties all night.

This guy came backpacking to party. You can find him charming the staff wearing his neon full moon party tank top and sunglasses on inside. Maybe he’s a frat guy trying to relive his glory days or an Aussie who wishes he could have been a frat guy. Either way- he’s loud, obnoxious and douchey, yet manages to be the life of the party.

The One Upper– The traveler who’s always talking.

“Oh, you’ve been there? I’ve been there twice.” This traveler interjects themselves into every conversation. They are the know-it-all bragger who always has the last word. If you’re this traveler, please do us a favor & stop being this traveler.

The Travel Instagrammer– The traveler who does it for the likes.

This traveler overpacked, wears too much makeup and travels to certain places for the perfect photo. She usually comes in hand with a guy & a fancy camera to take her photo. She’s the girl who will bring extra clothes hiking to change into at the top of the mountain.

The Traveler Who’s Stuck– How are you still here?

This person has been here way too long. Whether they are volunteering at the hostel or waiting for their mysterious friend to show up (that was supposed to be here 4 months ago), they are stuck in one place. You can find this traveler in elephant pants, sleeves of tattoos (half they got from the guy down the road), ears pierced and long hair that’s either in a headband or dreaded.

The Artist– The talented traveler.

This traveler paints the murals in hostels and plays guitar at night. Their passion’s include, but are not limited to, photography, music, writing, reading and drawing. Oh, and probably shrooms.

The Low Key Badass– The traveler who casually drops that they’ve climbed Mt. Everest 5 times.

This traveler is humble & mainly keeps to themselves, but if you get them talking they will blow your mind with their stories and experiences. Oh, & they prob have a dope Instagram.

The Wanderlust– The traveler with a one-way ticket.

This traveler is on a journey to discover the meaning of life. But in reality, they hated their job and/or are running away from something back home. They may be a little lost and unsure about life, but they act like that is all part of the plan.

The Vegan, Yoga, CrossFit Yuppie– The traveler who wants everyone to know they are healthier than you.

This traveler loves talking about their last yoga retreat or how they really miss their CrossFit community. Their favorite topics of conversation include animal rights, vegan restaurants, meditation, oil essentials, and their hate for large corporations (except Chipotle). You can find them sipping tea & bombarding you with their beliefs.

The Ditz– It’s a miracle this traveler is still alive.

I am not sure how this person got to where they are now, or how they have survived traveling out here on their own, but they have. They are constantly lost, are always losing their passport, wallet or money and are on their third phone of the trip. Shout to my sister- this one may be you.

The Couple– The travelers who stick together.

These couples do their own thing, whether they are dating or two gal pals, they hang with themselves. The pair is friendly enough, but they don’t try to join in on conversation or activities with anyone else. And if English isn’t their native language, they will only speak it when absolutely necessary.

Regardless of which category you are, thank you for being awesome & taking the leap to travel. Keep doing you & conquering this world.

What type of traveler are you?


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