Celebrate Failure

As we journey through life, we share important milestones with our friends & family. We share how humbled & happy we are to receive a promotion, buy our first house or get married. But what about our failures? To make it to these accomplishments, you most likely failed at something along the way. Why don’t we talk about our failures?

My failures & struggles have shaped me into who I am & have shaped the pattern of my life. Without my failures, my accomplishments wouldn’t exist.

As I’m traveling, I am beginning to share parts of my life that I would not have talked about so casually in the States. I am learning how to be vulnerable. 

Because, being vulnerable with others is valuable. It’s valuable for personal growth & for humanities growth. 

When people share their failures, it creates a safe place for others to share theirs. Which in turn connects people while also showing the world that it is okay to fail. The subject of failure is so taboo that people are too scared of failure to even try to succeed. We will settle for what we are certain we can achieve because that is what we are comfortable with. 

I hope that by being open with my failures, it will inspire others to be vulnerable too. I hope that every time I drop, “my therapist said” into a conversation there will be less & less shocked, confused, awkward glances toward me. It will show them that no one is perfect & that is okay. I hope to live in a world that understands that without failure we can not succeed. so to fail is to succeed. We should create a world where we celebrate failures, because you can not succeed without failure. If you are failing, you are succeeding. We shouldn’t feel ashamed by the bumps in the road. We should be proud of ourselves for taking a chance. Proud of ourselves for taking a leap & following our dreams.

I challenge you to share a failure & see what happens.

One thought on “Celebrate Failure

  1. Paige Wunder says:

    Travel (especially long-term travel) definitely brings out the ability to accept vulnerability and failure. I think especially in the states, where travel isn’t embraced like it is in other countries (hola, from a fellow American traveler). I’m proud of you for embracing that it’s all part of the process and taking the opportunity to grow! Cheers!

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