Learning to Embrace Mindfulness

During my travels, I’ve started to make a conscious effort to sit still. I sit and look at the sky, look at the shapes of the clouds and feel the wind blowing my hair. I do this for an hour every day. Some days I break it up and some days I do it all at once. Only once when you sit completely still does your mind truly wander to new places. You discover new things about yourself. I am beginning to value these moments. I am learning to become mindful of my body and my thoughts.

If I think back, I never just sat alone to think to myself for that long every day. I may have sat alone, but I didn’t feel disconnected from the world. Now I sit and stay completely alone in silence. No music playing, just me and my thoughts to keep me company.  To completely disconnect is powerful. You would be surprised how far your mind will wander and what you will discover about yourself.

Honestly, I thought the whole mindfulness fad was a trend that would fade in and out. But there is actual benefit from it. I didn’t wake up one day and decide I was going to stare at the clouds for an hour every day. I just fell into it. And then I realized there is truth in what they are saying.

I urge you to try it. Just sit for 10 or 15 minutes. Don’t listen to your music or look at your phone. Just sit. And see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Embrace Mindfulness

  1. Kim Morris says:

    I enjoy your writing so much, Norah! It’s a true gift. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy the silence. I needed to be reminded. I think having silence is also the best way to hear the voice of God. Love, Kim

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