Out-of-Shape & Sober

I traded the ocean for a river & beer for milk green tea.

Currently in Kampot, Cambodia.

This past week has been weird. It’s the first time I have been sober for more than 1 day in 8 weeks. Yes, I know how bad that sounds. Stop judging me & go read about my 2-month bender here.

After leaving island life, I had to readjust to making decisions again. Life was so easy on the island. Everything that I needed was available & free, it was relaxing, I was friends with everyone around me & I knew what I had to do each day. The only decision I had to make was deciding what to do during my time off. Coming out of that simple lifestyle to being completely independent again was a shock.

While I was readjusting to thinking about simple things like where I was going to stay at night or what I was going to eat for dinner, my body was also screaming at me. I drank non-stop for eight weeks. Do you know what that does to a body? It fucked my body is what it did. My muscles disappeared, I gained weight, my flexibility tightened up & worst of all, my body grew used to a substance- alcohol.

My first week out of shape & sober was weird. I stuck to myself for the most part. I had to readjust to life off the island. I was in bed by 10 every night,  nervous that if I met someone cool I would be influenced to grab a beer with them. So, a lonely week commenced. I ran every day, went to yoga, stopped eating meat, went on a lot of walks, read, wrote & meditated. I am trying to jolt my body & mind back to normal.

& I guess it’s working!! Today I feel healthier & less anxious! I am not back to normal yet but I feel better. Cheers to sobriety!!!!

2 thoughts on “Out-of-Shape & Sober

  1. Phil Carter says:

    Cheers to your safety and future travels (with Paula?). I hear you’re heading into Vietnam. If you get thru Can Tho, I’d be interested in seeing some pictures. I was stationed there a long time ago… when I was 19 years old. Although, I’m not sure what good pictures would do me, I never left the compound so I have no idea what the town looked like even back then.
    Thanks for the report. Be safe young lady!

  2. norahtay says:

    Yes, Paulla is arriving on the 8th! I am so excited to travel through the rest of Cambodia with her & then we head to Vietnam. I am writing down Can Tho now!

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