Day 5 in Sri Lanka

This is my seriously stressed face because I took not planning to a whole new level today.

Remember the French I climbed the Sri Pada with? Well, Johnny Depp looking boy started to get weird & I was feeling uncomfortable so I dipped, fast. It was 10:15 am & I found out the last morning bus was at 10:30 am so I ran back to the room, packed up my things, said a fast see ya later! & left. Since I ran out of there, I didn’t have time to connect to wifi & plan my route or plan anything for that matter.

Sure, I always travel without a plan, but I at least know my destination before I get onto the bus. This time, I didn’t. I knew the bus took me back to Hatton, which was a bigger city that had a train & bus station. I decided to go down south. When I got to Hatton, they shuffled me onto a bus to Colombo, but they suggested I get off one stop before in Kaduwela, to catch the express bus down to Galle (the beach).

Well, I slept through Kaduwela’s bus stop (remember, running on a couple hours of sleep from the 1 am morning hike that day). Now I’m in Colombo at 6 pm & see there is a bus going down to Galle & jump on. I figured the ride would be an hour long just like the one from Kaduwela would have been & planned to find wifi once I got there & find a place to stay by 8 pm. Easy peasy.


It was 8 pm, I’m still on the bus & I start panicking. I look at my offline map, we are only half way to Galle & I have no place to stay. My mind starts racing. I began to plan out what I was going to do when I arrived to a new city at night, with no service, an almost dead phone & no place to sleep. I decided that I would ask a Tuk Tuk driver to drive me to a cheap place to sleep & if they were all full & worst came to worst, I would find a police station & ask to sleep on their couch. Haha.

It’s 10:30 pm & I get off the bus to a deserted town. There was no one around, except some locals drinking. I was ambushed. I was the only tourist around & they all came over asking where I was going, etc. The worst part was I didn’t know where I was going so I couldn’t act confident & shoo them away. I just kept walking until I found a Tuk Tuk driver that looked nicer & wasn’t shouting at me. I asked him for help. He drove me up a little ways & I arrived at an over-priced guest house. They only had a single room left that was 3x my budget, but it was late & I was exhausted so I said ferk it.

After traveling by bus for 12 hours, I finally made it to a safe bed.

This was the first time I had my own room in 3.5 months & it feels amazing. I walked around naked! I didn’t realize how wonderful it is to walk around naked until I couldn’t anymore. The bed is so soft, there are no strangers snoring beside me & the wifi actually works- I am in heaven. Unfortunately, I have to check out in 36 minutes & I go back to dorm rooms & rock hard beds. But, it was nice while it lasted.


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