First Impressions Aren’t Everything

One amazing aspect of traveling is getting to meet people from all walks of life that you may not normally meet.

I lived for free at a hostel in exchange for work for three weeks alongside 5 other travelers. We shared a small room and were together constantly. So it’s safe to say we grew to be a little family. Although we are all vastly different, we got along with one another beautifully. But what is daunting is that we wouldn’t have been friends back home.

We all wouldn’t be friends for a number of reasons like age differences, wouldn’t give one another a chance, run in different circles & more.

First impressions are important, but they are not everything. And even if we don’t mean to, we label people automatically. We assume we understand them because of their physical appearance, how they talk, where they are from, etc.

For example, some fellow travelers have assumed I’m just another basic white American. And that’s okay. I hope after five minutes of speaking to me I debunk that stereotype.

So to my breakfast club crew- the aspiring special needs teacher with a full body of tattoos, the fireball of energy Scottish, the 3rd year traveler embracing life, the lover of all people and things and the Georgetown youngin’ who speaks Russian- thank you for bringing so much joy into my life. Thank you for teaching me to ask the hard questions in order to truly learn about you. Thank you for welcoming me into your family and taking time to slowly understand me. You will all be missed. See you soon, love the not-so-basic white American.

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