Nerd is the new black

The 21st century has brought many changes to our way of thinking. one change being: the definition of Nerd. our perceptions of a Nerd have evolved from steve urkel in family matters, to the kid reading comic books in the school cafeteria, to a smart, self-driven person who values the importance of education, but knows how to live life.

6 reasons why you should embrace your inner Nerd

  1. your life partner should be a Nerd
  • no matter who you are, you want your life partner to motivate you and help you accomplish your dreams. you are attracted to (and stay attracted to) someone that excites you and pushes you to your boundaries: Nerds are intriguing.
  1. intellectual conversation is attractive
  • you want to be friends with Nerds. invoking in conversation other than, who got kicked off the Bachelorette last night is amazing and enlightening. with Nerds it’s okay to forget the forbidden topics, like religion and politics for an evening and respectfully discuss each other’s views and opinions. Nerds are able to open your mind to different views on the world.
  1. Nerds work hard, and play harder
  • Nerds are smart and know how to manage their time. meaning they work their a** off during the day, drink all night, then wake up and do it all over again: success is attractive.
  1. Nerds dress well
  • let’s be honest, hipsters are hotter than Jersey Shore boys. dressing well is key to success and those who are confident enough to keep up with fashion and express themselves through clothing will succeed.
  1. Nerds are tech savvy
  • the ability to write code has never been more cool or important. face it; our life evolves around the Internet. take it from celebrities like, ashton kutcher, justin timberlake, jessica alba and jay z, all who have invested in tech startups since the early days of MySpace.
  1. Nerds know what they want and more importantly, how to get it
  • they know who their true friends are and have accepted themselves for who they are.

now go forth and embrace your inner Nerd, my friends

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